PRISM Storefront /// Pray for the Philippines

Shop our PRISM Collection right now! Finally posted these after my long obsessed addiction to oil slick. I'm glad companies are getting into the trend and producing more and more pieces. Easily accesible for me to buy and oogle at! EXCITED! WWW.MIXEMEDIUM.STORENVY.COM

As you might have heard, there was a devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines. It is recorded to be the most strongest typhoon in history. As a fellow Filipino, it broke my heart into a million pieces to see my kababayan suffer and lose their homes, livelihood, and family members. Millions of people were affected and really need help! Personally, I've already donated but I'm donating more! A portion of our sales from our PRISM Collection will be directly donated to the PHILIPPINE RED CROSS. (If you'd like to donate directly, please see link) Keeping everyone in my prayers, and hoping for the long overdue healing mentally, physically, and emotionally for all those affected. This too, shall pass and we shall rise again. God bless my Kababayan. XO

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