Style Profile January 2013: Katheezy

Aloha! Introducing another section for Style Profiles. Ring in the New Year with some edgy, girly stylings with KATHEEZY! I'm obviously in love with her sense of style and fashion, and I hope you will be, too!

01. Tell us about yourself.
Hello! My name is Kathrine and I believe in experiencing all that life has to offer. I am also an aspiring Secondary Education major hoping to be able to teach abroad as soon as I am licensed. During my free time, I like to capture the innocent moments with my camera and post them on instagram. I forgot to mention that I am also a food and travel junkie ;).

02. How did you start getting into fashion? 
It probably started in high school as soon as Forever 21 and Papaya/Everblue providing stylish outfits at a better price. As soon as I got my job, I believe that’s when I started to be particular in certain outfits that I thought would fit me best. Soon after starting college, my style has evolved with every experience and I found confidence in me to showcase what I loved wearing.

03. Describe your styles, or styles you love/enjoy.
In the past, my obsession with Big Bang influenced my affinity for street wear and bright colors. However, I feel that I have transitioned into more of a “casual-chic” style without looking too over done. I'll even go as far as wearing a plain white tee and ripped jeans. I feel that style has a lot to do with having the right amount of confidence! Therefore, anyone can make an outfit look good if you're radiating beauty from the inside, out. ;)

04. Current obsession(s). 
Any combination of black and gold jewelry Sweaters, scarves, and beanies DIY collar pieces My new Sketchers shoes! Reading books on the nook app using my Samsung Tablet

05. Most worn item in your wardrobe.
I kid you not, my most worn item is my scallop shorts! Paired with chiffon tops and heels. Can't go wrong with something so simple yet stylish!

06. Favorite places to shop (stores, or online). 
Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Papaya, & Ross :)

07. Any style inspirations? (celebs, bloggers, personal, etc) 

08. Favorite WINTER trends. 
Sweaters, oversized tees paired with leggings and boots, Anorak jackets paired with thigh-highs and booties.

09. Any New years resolutions? 
“Be so good, they can’t ignore you" is my motto for 2013. It's rather vague and can be interpreted in many different ways but basically, I see this as striving to be better in all aspects of life. Be so good that everyone will acknowledge your achievements and that's what I plan to do :)

10. Favorite Mixe Medium piece and why. 
It's always a party when there's an arm-party! Love the hand harnesses and also the body chains to complete a look with style and edge. Perfect for a run to town with girlfriends.


Until next time! xoxo, Ericka Nicole 


  1. AHH love it! Thank you for the feature! They may also visit my blog. :)

  2. just Love it :)

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